First week of my return to university done and naturally my only concern at the moment is tickets for the All-Ireland Football Final. Maigh Eo Abú!

I must admit, it’s strange – going from working a 9-5 job all the way to having an hour and a half of a university day. Granted the course is all packed in to one year (and a hectic year at that), but I feel it may take me a little while to get back in to study mode. However, that’s my first week of the university course to become a primary school teacher done.

One assignment due already; sort of.

We started yesterday with introductory lectures where we met some of the key people in the education department and that was about all we did. Today however, the speed picked up – we were shown how to use the library facilities. Oh, and how to save files on to a computer. No doubt, the pace will pick up pretty quickly from here. Let’s see how sarcastic I’ll be then!

I’m planning on keeping track of the year here on this, so for those who are studying the PGDE this year or thinking of applying to do it (or something similar) in the near future – I’ll be recording my experiences throughout the year and posting up useful links/websites/resources I find.

Off to start my first assignment in quite a while.


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