That is my first week of observation done. I’ve enjoyed it and learned a lot but I will NOT need any rocking to get to sleep tonight! 

I was nervous Monday morning but as soon as I met my class teacher, I knew I didn’t need to be. She is such a friendly person who is so down to earth that I know that I have no reason to fear when the time comes for me to teach. 

On Monday I met the class I will be teaching for my first two teaching placements – what a bunch! I have spent the week trying to build up a good relationship with them, laying in the foundations for when I start to teach. Monday I spent watching how the class operated – the chatterboxes; the quiet ones; the ones who like to solve problems by themselves; those that like to collaborate and those that maybe aren’t too fussed. 

Tuesday I started to assist in any way I could, I’d walk around the classroom and if anyone asked for help, I’d help. Luckily, my observation from the day before meant I knew the quiet ones weren’t likely to ask for help when they were stuck so I was delighted that on those occasions I offered to help, they always look relieved to be getting some assistance. 

Wednesday – Wednesday I learned a little trick for myself! I noticed there was three or four always finished quicker than most so I decided I would try something different with them. I asked them a riddle. I told them that I would only take answers if they had focused fully on the tasks at hand and finished all their work properly and they had until the end of the day to solve it.  (The trick in the riddle is that it is only spoken, but not written down – One knight, a prince and a princess crossed a river on a boat that they rowed themselves. When they got to the other side, three people got off. Who were the three people?) I couldn’t believe how much they loved the riddle and they couldn’t believe the answer! My logic behind the riddle actually stems from what I mentioned in last week’s post about there being more than one way to solve a maths problem but only one way to approach learning to read. I told the children that to solve a riddle, they need to look and listen to words in more than one way – in this case, the word was knight, but they heard night

Thursday – I started my observation in a nursery setting. I can’t believe how much notes I took! I’m not sure what I was expecting but I have pages and pages of notes of different things I’ve learned and things I’ve noticed. It is crazy to think that when I was that age, I had that much energy! As the lunch bell rang I happened to be walking through the school. I was soon hunted out by the class I had been with the days previous for a second riddle – so I asked them – What comes once in a minute, twice in a moment but never in a thousand years? Confusion reigned. 

Friday – I got the chance to take part in the nursery activities. My puppetry and my ventriloquist skills (or lack thereof) were well and truly tested! I don’t think I had ever read The Gruffalo before today but I read it at least 5 times today so at least I can chalk that down as experience. The older children found me at lunch time to get the answer from yesterday’s riddle and asked for another – What word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?

With it being Scotland, inevitably rain appears throughout the day. Now while we have been lucky the majority of the days this week – one lunchtime was spent indoors. As you can imagine, cabin fever strikes pretty rapidly in those circumstances. Credit has to go to the staff at the school however as there are plenty of lunch time clubs to get involved in but I’ve decided to try my hand at running one when my first teaching placement works. I’ve suggested having a film club – a club in which we would watch children’s movies (with particular attention to Pixar and DIsney) and having a look at things such as themes, lighting and music. The teachers that I spoke to about this thought it was a fantastic idea so it has given me the encouragement to go for it. I may allow myself to be a tiny bit selfish and pick The Incredibles as the first movie seeing as it is my favourite!

Last night I made a chicken and chorizo pasta bake. I made a lot of it. 

Ingredients for two days worth of pasta bake – £6.50.

Not having to cook on a Friday evening – priceless

Time to catch up on Breaking Bad and maybe a power nap aswell. 



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