Well hello there! Hope everyone is keeping well. That football match that I mentioned last week didn’t go so well. Lost by a point. Sickened. The picture above shows the stadium before the two matches started. The home of the Gaelic Athletic Association is an amazing looking place, I’m sure you’ll agree. One of the beauties of our national sports is that the supporters are mixed throughout the stadium. It’s an atmosphere that you need to experience to believe. 


I’ve had quite a quick week. I was back in Ireland for a few days so I was only in lectures yesterday. We were looking at Religion in Primary Education and maths. The lecturer for Religion was quite passionate about the importance it has in schools. His thinking it seems, and it is something I would agree with, is that through knowledge comes respect. The more  one knows about religion X the more one respects the people that worship it. Ignorance leads to intolerance. This idea is something we’ll be exploring in a bit more depth over the course of the next few weeks and it is something I expect will benefit us greatly when we get in to the swing of full responsibility in the classroom.

Going back to Ireland for the first time since May was nice, even if it was a short trip. I was working Saturday, hopped on a bus to Edinburgh Airport, stayed (awake) overnight in the airport, flight at 8am, in Dublin for 9am, went straight for Croke Park to see my beloved Mayo win the U18 All-Ireland Final and lose the Senior All-Ireland Final in the one day, got a lift home to Mayo, arrived home at 10pm and passed out asleep! I’m even out of breath typing it!

Monday morning I went to see my Grandfather who is approaching 93 and is still one of the funniest people you will ever come across. He had plenty to say about the Mayo matches from the day before so I had to pull one of his stunts and to pretend I couldn’t hear him! 

It was early Wednesday morning (about 4am) when I reached my bed In Aberdeen but I made sure to pack some tea bags and Mikado biscuits for a taste of home. It’s the little things…

Today I’ve been catching up with the little activities and lecture notes I missed from this week. One of the activities was for Literacy and involved writing a short poem. It seemed the theme of the poems from the workshop was scary in nature so I went for a somewhat Halloween themed poem. I should point out that the following work of art and literary genius follows a template of a poem I wrote in a poetry competition when I was in primary school, back in the day. I was robbed in that competition, it was totally fixed so that my fantastic piece of poetry came second behind a boring 6 lined poem. I’m not bitter about it but at the time I expressed my dismay to the winner and he told me I was deluded; I nearly fell off my golden unicorn. Anyways, in the words of Kenan & Kel, here it goes –




Bat’s brain,

Seal’s fat,

Lion’s fur,

Eyes of rat.


Elephant tusk,

Dog’s tail,

Chopped worms,

Shell of snail.


Goat’s milk,

Sheep’s heart,

Thirteen cats,

Teeth of shark.


Cauldron – black,   

Wooden spoon,         

Black hat,         

Juice of prune.   


Total £12.33


Thank you for shopping at Witches R’We


Now, back to work, catching up on what I missed out on and prepare for next week. No rest for the wicked. 

Hi ho, hi ho….


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