Spreading The Word

First week of continuous placement done and I am certainly glad the week is over! I’m working tomorrow but I’m not too worried about that. I can’t wait to sleep in on Sunday though. I’m drained, rather than exhausted if that makes sense?

Monday, thankfully was a peaceful enough day. All I had to do with them was PE. Naturally I chose this time to spread the word – that Gaelic Football and Hurling are the GREATEST sports in the world. I think the majority have been converted – to the Gospel of Mayo football. I showed them clips of both and they couldn’t believe that these sports aren’t big all around the world! For PE – I introduced them to some of the simple skills in football. We did the pick up, the solo and the handpass.

Wednesday was the start of my continuous. I thought I would have been a nervous wreck but I was fine. I felt like it was the same as every other day apart from the fact we had snow. I introduced the class to the idea of film studies – and they thoroughly enjoyed watching Shrek and looking out for important scenes and important quotes and discussing these. We discussed how Donkey is the only one who doesn’t judge a book by it’s cover, how Lord Farquad is kinda like Hitler (which one of the students suggested, I was pleased with that comparison) and we discussed why it’s wrong for us to judge someone based on their appearance or beliefs. I was delighted with how that lesson went. Unfortunately, it all went downhill from there – incredible misbehaviour ensued. Part of me felt like it was my fault but after speaking to the class teacher – they assured me that this type of behaviour has been ongoing since October and progressively getting worse. It’s not like I would bring the disappointment home with me, or lose sleep over it, but I did feel better knowing it wasn’t just my mismanagement of a particular situation – it’s happening every day since early October. My concern with that however, is that those that want to learn get zero attention when they should get all of it. For selfish reasons, I am concerned that I won’t get a chance to teach a lesson without wasting half my time telling one student to stop standing on the table, or to stop throwing metal pencil sharpeners or stop threatening your classmates but I suppose “That’s life, that’s what all the people say”. 

Thursday was mostly spent with the problems mentioned above but they were even worse.

Today, Friday. End of the week. End of my patience? Nope. A few people have said it to me before, and I hadn’t thought of it too much until this week but I never let things get me down to any great extent. I’m not claiming that my placement is more difficult or easier than anyone else’s but when I walk out the door of the school – I stop thinking about it. Having the memory of a goldfish is a blessing in this case I think.

What happened today then, I hear you ask? The main lesson today was ICT and that was going swimmingly until neither the printers, or the pen drives would work. Everyone’s work was lost, and they all seemed frustrated with it. I broke out in to what is fast becoming one of my favourite songs – giving them the first few lines of ‘That’s Life’, the song made famous by Sinatra. They all laughed and told me I was crazy and forgot that they had lost their work. I don’t mind. I know they did it, they know they did it. Job done.

My observation is coming up next week so I’ll have to rise that challenge – I’ll do it MYYYYYYYYY WAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

More important than my observation next week – The Late Late Toy Show is on next Friday. Can’t wait. Two and a half hours of product placement and Christmas jumpers. The Late Late Toy Show is when the countdown to Christmas truly starts for any self-respecting Irish person.

I think it’s time to turn off this laptop and chill out. I’m still reading The Noah’s Ark Quest by Boyd Morrisson – which seems very good so far. I’m up to date with The Walking Dead and Homeland on TV. I’m hoping to go to the new Hunger Games movie next week at some stage – big fan of those books.

I’ll do that real work tomorrow evening. Hopefully those Milky Moos will have arrived by then.



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