End of Placement

It’s a grand feeling. Christmas is definitely on the way. Placement over and The Late Late Toy Show on tonight. 

This was the week I was observed by someone from the university. I’ll get on to that.

Monday was handy. There was no behaviour issues and all the lessons went pretty well. I think the maths lesson was key to that. We were covering data handling. When they saw that on the board, they presumed it was going to be boring. When they found out the type of data we’d be handling – everyone was delighted. We carried out a survey of all the senior classes on video games. We asked each participant if they played video games; what did they play them on (e.g. PS3, Xbox 360, Tablet, Smartphone, PC, etc); if they had ever played Minecraft (which I’d never heard of before 3 weeks ago); how many hours a day do they play for and their favourite game. There was some pretty incredible results. Out of 90 people, 6 people said they don’t play video games. Very few people hadn’t played Minecraft. Candy Crush, Call of Duty, FIFA and GTA 5 were the most popular games. Amazingly – the majority of the children told us that they play 6 or more hours a day of video games. I was stunned. I showed the results to my class teacher and to the head teacher and they were stunned at the results! Shows how mature I’m getting when I’m giving out about the length of time they play video games!

I’m not THAT mature however. One pupil asked me what was the longest I had ever played a video game for – I replied it would have been 7 or 8 hours on Football Manager. That pupil stood up, hands in the air, and declared – “He is the COOLEST teacher ever”. One of my sisters is a big Football Manager fan – she always picks Fulham. I’ve always picked ‘sleeping giants’ – like Altrincham and Boston Utd! You could waste have a day in front of the computer playing Football Manager reading scout reports and never know twenty minutes had passed.

Tuesday was my final day of continuous placement and the day of my observed lesson. I was perfectly relaxed about it. I knew the result would be good when I saw the university observer joining in with the kids laughing at me. I didn’t want to do anything any different just because I was being observed. Our lesson was about starting to make comic books. I questioned the class on all we had covered since I had got to the school – themes and synonyms being the main two things – and how they would apply to comic books. I was delighted to hear the kids rhyme off everything they had learned – how we applied themes to our drama work, how we found the themes in Shrek, and how we applied our new words to our writing. The observer was very impressed with the lesson and more importantly – the kids loved the freedom of writing about a specific theme – however they wanted. 

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – were all spent helping out around the school with different classes. Wednesday I went on a Gruffalo hunt, twice. Thursday I went back down to visit the nursery – all the kids were asking me about the puppet! Today I went on a trip with an art group to a museum. 

Before leaving this afternoon – I made sure to thank my class teacher, whom I couldn’t fault. They were supportive and encouraging at all times and I’m looking forward to getting back in January to continue learning there. The head teacher told me that I had done very well and if I can teach well in that school, I can teach well anywhere. I do feel encouraged by that statement. 

This essay is the next thing on the agenda. Back to lectures next week – which I’m sure will be as useful as ever.

I think I’ll start this essay Sunday. I think. I also have Walking Dead to catch up on and some reading. Hmmmm, decisions decisions. 

The Toy Show is starting soon.

Bye. Bye bye. Bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bbbbye. 


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