Essay Week/Football Manager Week

First of all, I’d just like to express my gratitude to @NL_84 and @merrybeau1 for your support for the EduBlog awards 2013. I’ve been nominated in the best new blogs. I’m thrilled to be nominated because it means people are reading the blog. As I said from the start, one of the ideas behind it was I wanted to give people considering a HDip, PGCE, PGDE or undergrad in teaching, an insight to what the course was like and what the job will be like. Thank you both; and thank you to anyone who has voted for me. 

This week has been ALL about the essay. 5000 words. My most recent word count, about an hour ago has me at 4499. It must still be there because the pen fell off the couch an hour ago and I haven’t picked it up. There were lectures this week, and workshops, but understandably, nobody was too fussed about those when the essay has to be in by Monday. I still have to type mine. I’m perhaps old fashioned in the sense that I have to use a pen and paper for an essay. Typing off the top of my head is a no-go. 

The essay is about inclusion and a learning theory that you worked with during your placement. I’ve gone for Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences. I was inspired to work with this one from two TED talks. Sir Ken Robinson’s Do School’s Kill Creativity? (which you can see here, if you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend that you do – ) and Sugata Mitra’s Build A School In The Cloud ( you’ll find it here – ). Without boring you to tears with all the details – my argument is that schools are not inclusive because we place a higher value on maths and literacy skills as opposed to ICT (which may soon surpass everything else in importance) and Religious Studies and every other curricular area . I’m arguing that if we want to inspire a more inclusive society, then we need to remove the old fashioned hierarchy of subjects. In the case of Religious Studies, knowledge of other world cultures and religions are vital to eradicating society of intolerance and ignorance. As it stands, Religious Studies takes place no more than once a week, if even that, in your average classroom. There’s nowhere to fit it in when you have so much ground to cover in literacy and maths. Sir Ken Robinson says in his TED talk that there is no country in the world that places the same value on the expressive arts as they do for maths or literacy. Why? I won’t go in to it any further than that but this is one small part of my argument for the idea that there’s a long way to go before we get the all-inclusive classroom. 

I did two very silly things this week. I downloaded Football Manager 2014 for my tablet. Mistake. I started with Boston Utd in the Skrill Premier Division and got them promoted handily enough. Now the club’s hierarchy think I can do two promotions in a row. It’s very difficult with a shoe-string budget but I was stunned when David Bentley signed for the club on a free transfer. The second mistake I made was downloading Word Soup. It’s like a moving wordsearch game. Here’s a screenshot of it – Image

It’s very addictive and I can confirm, neither have helped me with my essay in any way.

On Monday, after six years of listening to his music, I finally got to see Foy Vance live. He was absolutely fantastic and if his ticket was five times the price, I’d still go, every time. 

I’d better get back to what’s important this week, Football Manager the essay. Thanks for reading!

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work I go. 


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