I had a great start to the week. I managed to get my team promoted again in Football Manager. There was also the little matter of getting that 5000 word essay done, which was a cinch!

Oddly, Monday’s workshop was on the topic about the essay we had just done. Maybe it’s just me but I find it strange that they didn’t choose to do this BEFORE the essay to help people out. The tutor started off with a quote up on the whiteboard that suggested bad behaviour was a result of bad teaching. He looked at us and asked – ‘Who agrees?’. I disagreed. I told him I disagreed. I said that while sometimes, bad behaviour could be the result of boring lessons or inefficient behaviour management; you could not say that about every case. It’s too easy to blame the teacher for everything but surely their behaviour and attitude starts at home? We had a lecture Monday afternoon introducing us to the essay we will be doing in 2014! The lecturer told us that the essay was going to be based on something ‘people would be interested in’. One witty member of the audience asked ‘So will you be giving us the topics in good time or just before we go on placement like the last essay?’. The room burst in to laughter. It was a bone of contention among the student teachers but this person’s quip cut the tension with a knife. Perfectly timed.

Tuesday was art day. Art is always good craic. The lecturer/tutor explains and demonstrates what we are doing and after that just leaves us to be creative. We were working with ink and printing. I successfully managed to cut out a paper peace symbol, just the right size to fit on a roller. Here is my result – Image

I know what you are thinking – “Is this person wasted training to be a teacher? Surely they are a contemporary artiste extraordinaire?” The answer of course, is yes. I am supremely talented. I did not win the Credit Union Under 8’s art competition by chance.

Thursday we had PE/Dance, Drama and Maths. We witnessed some incredible dance moves, from one person in particular. Drama was about basic sign language. I know two of my sisters are learning sign language at home and that is definitely something I want to do. I think it could and should be something we all learn. The maths workshop was about problem solving. This was right up my street, they were all very similar to the riddles I had given the kids when I was on placement. On the topic of riddles actually – my girlfriend’s aunts were reading some of the riddles that I mentioned in previous posts. I received a text asking for the answers quick because they were close to a ‘pistols at sundown’ style showdown over the answers! We averted that crisis thankfully.

Last night, myself and my girlfriend went to visit my sister and her boyfriend. We had not yet seen the bbq hut my sister’s boyfriend had built. He’s a joiner. He made the most amazing bbq hut – here’s the fire we sat beside until about 10.30 last night – Image

The door of the hut splits in two so we opened the top half of the door, chatted and chilled out. We didn’t cook a bbq with it, yet.

Last week of university starts tomorrow so looking forward to finishing and going home for a few weeks. We’re travelling home the Thursday so not long to wait.

Hi ho, hi ho, soon off to home I go!


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